Las Vegas, Nevada, June 9, 2021 – Kingsbarn Realty Capital (“Company” or “Kingsbarn”) announced the formation of a medical operating joint venture with Integrated Proton Solutions (“IPS”) that will focus on providing the most cutting-edge, minimally-invasive, cancer treatment solutions for oncology doctors and neurosurgeons. The new company, Advanced Radiotherapy Technologies (“ART”), will provide its clinical partners with the most technologically advanced cancer treatment equipment available in the world today. ART has partnered with leading radiotherapy and radiosurgery equipment manufacturers to bring next-generation cancer therapies to cancer care providers. Some of the exceptionally innovative machine manufacturers to be part of the ART medical program include RefleXion, ZAP Surgical, Siemens/Varian, Elekta, and Viewray.

ART has secured a long-term strategic partnership involving a multi-system purchase agreement with RefleXion Medical of Hayward, California (RefleXion), to acquire RefleXion™ X1 machines with biology-guided radiation therapy (BgRT)* for use in ART’s to-be-developed cancer treatment centers. The multi-year, multi-site contract will create centers that house advanced approaches to external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) for all stages of cancers. BgRT uses emissions from a patient’s cancer cells created by injecting a small amount of a targeting molecule carrying a positron-emitting radioisotope, known as a PET tracer, to guide EBRT. As the PET tracer binds to the tumor cells, it produces emissions that signal the cancer’s location(s). The RefleXion™ X1 machine design integrates PET arcs with a linear accelerator to detect these emissions and then immediately direct radiotherapy to the tumors. Currently the X1 machine is cleared for image-guided radiotherapy applications.

Additionally, ART is now affiliated with ZAP Surgical Systems, Inc. of San Carlos, California (ZAP-X) to offer the ZAP-X® Gyroscopic Radiosurgery platform to clinical partners, radiation oncologists, and neurosurgeons. Leveraging unique gyroscopic motion, the ZAP-X opens new frontiers in modern radiosurgery. Combining self-shielding technology with high dose rate linear-accelerator delivery, ZAP-X was created as a minimally invasive cancer treatment. Designed exclusively for the streamlined treatment of tumors and selected benign conditions of the brain, the head, and neck, ZAP-X redefines the future of radiosurgery.

According to Kingsbarn CEO Jeff Pori, “The state-of-the-art radiation technologies that we will bring to our clinical partners are major steps forward in the treatment of malignant tumors and certain benign diseases. These next-generation modalities, which are currently available at very few major cancer centers, combine the latest in science, engineering, molecular biology, and artificial intelligence for cancer management. These cutting-edge technologies will provide oncologists, radiation oncologists, and neurosurgeons with the latest non-invasive tools to manage a variety of tumors in the brain and body, including patients with metastasized cancer in need of radiotherapy on many tumors simultaneously. These innovative approaches will give cancer patients at all stages more treatment options with lesser side effects compared to currently available treatments.”

*The RefleXion X1 is cleared for SBRT/SRS/IMRT treatments. BgRT is limited by US law to Investigational Use.

About Kingsbarn Realty Capital

Kingsbarn Realty Capital is a real estate private equity and development firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kingsbarn structures its real estate investment opportunities for both fractional 1031 investors as well as providing customized portfolio solutions for large scale investors. Kingsbarns’ management team has wide-ranging experience developing, managing, operating, and sponsoring a diversified portfolio of stabilized, income-driven properties. Kingsbarn has acquired and currently operates over $600 million of commercial real estate throughout the United States. In 2020, Kingsbarn Capital and Development was founded as the company’s development arm to expand its product offerings for investors to include ground-up development of real estate assets and to fund operating companies who require real estate solutions across the United States.

About Advanced Radiotherapy Technologies

Advanced Radiotherapy Technologies (“ART”) is a joint venture between Kingsbarn Realty Capital and Integrated Proton Solutions (“IPS”) (the “JV”) for the purpose of providing leading-edge radiation therapy equipment and technologies to clinical partners in the fields of oncology, radiotherapy and radiosurgery.

The JV intends to develop and operate clinics throughout the U.S. in partnership with selected cancer treatment healthcare providers.

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