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Our Services

We provide comprehensive solutions for leading clinicians in cancer care.

What we do

Whether it’s a brand new radiotherapy center or a small addition to an existing clinic, ART has found several requirements to be inherent to all projects.


We develop a comprehensive understanding of the scope of each unique business opportunity.


From the facility to the equipment, we secure all project financing.


We select the most suitable site available with the approval of our clinical partner.


We seek qualified clinical partners committed to utilizing the center to provide the best care for their patients.

We Develop and Manage:

  • Equipment Selection and Installation
  • Marketing
  • Clinical Acceptance Leading to First Patient Treatment
  • Facility Management
  • Educational Support
  • Upgrades

ART's Responsibilities

  1. Manage the development, construction, funding, and all other associated activities.
  2. Serve as the operator/manager of the center.
  3. Purchase all equipment and supplies reasonably required for the proper functioning of the center.
  4. Supply all medical equipment needed for treatment of patients.
  5. Finance initial operating capital and reserves for the center during the initial opening and patient treatment ramp up.
  6. Provide compensation and benefits for staff employed by the center.

Our Clinical Partner's Responsibilties

  1. Provide physician services to manage cancer care for the center’s patients.
  2. Appoint a Medical Director to manage professional services and clinical operations.
  3. Maintain continuing oversight and supervision of the professional performance of all physicians practicing in the center.
  4. No debt or equity investment is required by our partner.

Definitive terms and responsibilities will be governed by a mutually agreed upon Professional Services and Clinical and Administrative Agreement (the PSA).

We work together with our clinical partners

to build the ideal facility.