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Staying competitive
in a growing market

Patients becoming critical consumers is a
strong trend that can be observed around the
globe. Stay competitive in the long run with a
CT scanner that helps you improve patient
experience throughout the CT imaging workflow.

Siemens SOMATOM® go.Sim

Reinventing CT simulation with SOMATOM go.Sim – a highly flexible, intuitive CT simulator that we designed in collaboration with over 300 RT specialists – radiation oncologists, medical physicists, dosimetrists, RTTs, and financial decision makers – to give us insights into your world. The result is a groundbreaking approach to CT simulation that will help you optimize clinical operations. It will give you everything you need to achieve the ultimate starting point for optimal RT planning, and will help you produce the most successful outcomes possible.

The challenges in CT Simulation

Precise CT simulation requires fail-safe, reproducible, and streamlined workflows.

SOMATOM go.Sim is a single, integrated software and hardware solution that covers the entire CT simulation process. It was created for one reason – to reduce errors in a complex workflow to potentially reduce time to treatment. Driven by intelligence and automation, SOMATOM go.Sim simplifies your tasks and reduces the likelihood of errors. It helps you to shorten your workflow and save time so that you can focus on what matters most: your patient.

Our understanding of integration extends to every aspect of CT simulation. SOMATOM go.Sim delivers image optimization for target delineation, target margins, and even autocontouring – and by integrating the power of AI, this CT simulator removes the problem of variability in your starting point for treatment planning.

SOMATOM go.Sim creates a calming environment for patients, and its simple operating concept allows staff to spend more time at their side. A single vendor service contract relieves the burden on administrators.

SOMATOM go.Sim is a dedicated CT simulator that can optimize clinical operations.


Simulation reinvented

Be certain in simulation

Integrated components are the key to error-free CT simulation. SOMATOM go.Sim aims to give you certainty with a streamlined workflow that is smooth, fast, and able to delivern reproducible and user-independent results.

Drive precision for contouring

To be confident that you are working from a consistent starting point, you need reliable information about tumors and surrounding tissue for every patient. SOMATOM go.Sim provides precise contouring and generates the patient modeling data you need.

Care for patients and users

Reducing pressure on operators gives you time to focus on patients and high-quality results. SOMATOM go.Sim is built on a concept that cares for the needs of both patients and users.

Go for a trendsetting Mobile Workflow

The new Mobile Workflow is an integrated solution that aims to make CT simulation smoother and less error-prone. The system contains everything you need, and you operate it using a single mobile tablet. This highly innovative setup gives you more time with patients, unparalleled flexibility for your simulation tasks, and greater cost transparency.

In short, the new Mobile Workflow supports certainty in simulation and cares for patients and users.

Be certain in simulation

  • Straightforward patient marking with a single system
  • Correct laser positioning with the integrated Direct Laser
  • Intuitive user interface and guidance

Care for patients and users

  • Focus on patient comfort with a co-created, patient-centric design
  • Improved environment for users and greater cost transparency with an all-in-one solution

Siemens CT Solutions

By simultaneously scanning several slices of the body, the scan time can be reduced significantly and the smallest details can be scanned within practicable scan times. Multislice CT enables a wide range of clinical applications from 3D to perfusion imaging to CT fluoroscopy. Our systems range from cost-effective 2- slice configurations to outstanding image quality 40-, 64- and even 128- slice configurations.


Stay Competitive in a Growing Market.