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Gyroscopic Radiosurgery®
for the Brain

Zap-X's non-invasive technology makes treating brain tumors safer and more accessible than ever before.

ZAP-X® Gyroscopic Radiosurgery®

ZAP Surgical Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures the ZAP-X® radiosurgery platform. ZAP-X incorporates a unique, self-shielded design that typically eliminates the need for traditional radiation vaults, and thus enables simple point-of-care delivery in locations previously unfeasible or cost-prohibitive, including physician offices, ambulatory surgery centers, and satellite facilities.

The Perfect, Non-Invasive Alternative

Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is a well-established, non-invasive out-patient radiation procedure to treat many brain tumors, including brain metastases, meningiomas, and acoustic neuromas, as well as other benign intracranial disorders such as trigeminal neuralgia and arteriovenous malformations. As an alternative to surgery, SRS, given in one or few treatments, often provides equivalent  or superior outcomes, yet requires no surgical incision and little patient recovery period.

More Patients. More Lives Saved.

Each year more than two million patients worldwide are potential candidates for SRS, yet due to the significant costs and complexities of historical delivery systems, only 150,000 patients currently receive such treatment. FDA-cleared in 2017, ZAP Surgical’s ZAP-X Gyroscopic Radiosurgery platform was designed to alleviate these prior constraints and ultimately bring world-class SRS to more patients in more places.

The First and Only Vault-Free SRS Delivery System

ZAP-X is recognized for being the first and only vault-free SRS delivery system, thus eliminating the need for providers to build costly, shielded radiation treatment rooms. Additionally, by utilizing a modern linear accelerator to produce radiation, ZAP-X is also the  first and only dedicated radiosurgery system to no longer require Cobalt-60 radioactive sources, eliminating the significant costs incurred by licensing, securing and regularly replacing live radioactive isotopes.

Unique Gyroscopic Motion

Built upon a distinctive, dual-gimbaled gantry design,  the ZAP-X system uses unique gyroscopic motion to  direct radiosurgical beams from a multitude of non-coplanar angles to precisely concentrate radiation on the tumor target, all while minimizing radiation exposure to surrounding, healthy critical structures. Meticulously designed with a low-scatter beam energy, a low penumbra source-axis distance, and ultra-low collimation leakage, ZAP-X was purposely built to set a new standard in radiosurgery.

Other unique aspects of ZAP-X include:

  • A real-time dose monitoring/patient safety system to effectively reduce the risk of potential mistreatments
  • Integrated intra-fraction image guidance to support sub-mm accuracy throughout the treatment
  • Non-invasive patient immobilization, without the need for rigid stereotactic head frames


First-in-Kind. Vault-Free. Cobalt-Free.

Ready for the next frontier
in modern radiosurgery?